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Insurance Research

Winthrop Capital Management produces quality, thoughtful research for its insurance clients. Download from our insurance research library publications and presentations specific to the insurance industry.

Consulting Services

Winthrop is an experienced Investment Specialist for the NAIC. Winthrop’s insurance expertise and experience with regulators assists our clients with navigating risk exams and the development of customized solutions to meet our clients’ challenges head on. The Winthrop Insurance team provides a broad range of consulting services to the insurance industry including investment strategy & market analysis, technology infrastructure, and support through regulatory risk exams and the rating process.

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Insurance Market Outlooks

Insurance Market Outlooks

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Investment Insights

Insurance Investment Insights

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“Winthrop’s technology platform was built to manage large quantities of data. Our research and consulting services enable our clients to harness this power in order to gain invaluable insights.”
Gregory J. Hahn, CFA
President & CIO