Investment Services

Accounting and Reporting

WCM Insurance Solutions embraces a client-centric philosophy wherein we assume the responsibility of managing your daily investment information.

This involves a comprehensive, customized suite of services pertaining to investment accounting, reporting and governance.

Investment Accounting and Reporting Services

Winthrop offers investment accounting and reporting services to assist our clients with account specific and industry related questions. We take responsibility for our clients’ day-to-day investment information to provide the highest quality accounting and reporting services. Our team interfaces with several of the major investment accounting platforms.

Our investment accounting services:

  • Maintain Security Master Files for public and private investments.
  • Investment accounting services for multiple asset-classes, including fixed assets, equities, bank loans, structured securities, partnerships, private equity and funds.
  • Investment accounting and reporting services for managed & unmanaged portfolios.
  • Support with statutory reporting including Schedule D, A, BA and B.
  • Support for derivatives reporting and Schedule DB.

We provide our clients with a dedicated Investment Accounting Team with timely month end reporting. We fully reconcile holdings and transactions to trial balances to confirm that our reports agree to your general ledger. We work with our clients to establish a Pricing Policy which typically allows for obtaining pricing from third party sources, and validating pricing through a consistent, documented process every month.

Access to Data How and When You Need It

As part of our comprehensive offering in investment accounting services, we provide detailed reports, available on managed portfolios, providing you with access to fully consolidated reporting.

  • Monthly, quarterly & annual investment accounting report packages on a STAT and GAAP basis
  • Assistance with statutory reporting
  • Support with filing securities with the Securities Valuations Office (SVO)
  • Interest Maintenance Reserve/Asset Valuation Reserve reports for Life/Health insurers
  • Impairment/OTTI Analysis
  • Rating Agency Reporting Support
  • Custodial Bank Interface Capabilities and Reconciliation
  • Performance Measurement & Reporting

Portfolio Investment Reporting

Insurance regulatory and financial reporting standards are often challenging to interpret and implement.

Winthrop provides accurate, actionable financial projections and reporting for our clients. This requires sophisticated modeling tools and expertise in regulatory environments. We design and customize financial projection tools that assist our clients with understanding the impact of pending changes on reserves and capital.

“We believe good data management is good risk management. With a powerful tech platform and meticulous processes, we help our clients consistently uphold regulatory standards and maintain financial clarity.”
Gregory J. Hahn, CFA
President & CIO