Custom Solutions

Insurance Solutions

At Winthrop Capital Management, we work with insurance clients to implement efficient investment solutions to manage risk and help meet their business needs.

Asset Management for Insurers

Economic Capital Modeling
We design and implement economic capital models that help to manage the insurance company’s growth and are aligned with their business strategies. We provide the insightful analysis and modelling that is necessary to meet with rating agencies, as well as state, federal and offshore regulators’ requirements.

Cash Flow Testing
Winthrop assists its insurance clients with cash flow and asset adequacy testing. This includes asset modelling, disinvestment assumptions, and reinvestment assumptions. In addition, through the cash flow testing process, we assist clients with determining their potential need for additional reserves and the prospective impact on IMR.

Federal Home Loan Bank Program
We assist qualifying Insurance companies with the application and management of the FHLB Program. Participation in the FHLB program provides an insurance company with an important tool to assist in its liquidity management as well as a tool to enhance portfolio returns and manage risk.

Risk Management and Reporting

Winthrop assists our clients with their Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) program and maintaining their investment program within their risk matrix. This includes assisting in identifying and defining their ability and willingness to assume specific risks. We support our clients with documentation for:

  • Investment Committee meetings
  • Policy & Procedure Manuals
  • Derivatives Use Plan
  • Liquidity Policy

Winthrop assists its insurance clients with the development and maintenance of their Own Risk and Solvency Assessment (ORSA) and its annual review.

Portfolio Reporting and Reconciliation

Winthrop has significant experience with portfolio and risk reporting. Our systems integrate with custodians and data providers to ensure the highest quality of data integrity and consistency in security valuations. We provide electronic daily cash and portfolio reconciliations between the custodian, investment accounting system, and WOMBAT.

With our proprietary software WOMBAT, we have the ability to improve decision making and streamline operations and regulatory reporting. Our delivery model works across the insurance industry but is tailored to our insurance client’s needs.

Life & Annuity Risk Management

Winthrop offers its life & annuity clients a comprehensive annuity risk management solution. We work with actuaries to analyze each client’s seriatim inforce data, and calculate liability risk exposures. Our approach to risk management begins with an appropriate portfolio structure consistent with the firm’s risk appetite. If appropriate, we design and execute derivatives transactions to assist in the management of risk.

A successful risk management program which includes comprehensive modeling that assists the firm’s ability to accurately assess risk and recognize opportunities will ultimately serve to help meet regulatory requirements and deliver more consistent long-term performance.

Winthrop utilizes its proprietary software, WOMBAT, to assist in managing the investment challenges the client faces in the capital markets. We employ insurance focused investment risk management tools in the day-to-day management of your portfolio. WOMBAT assists our investment team with the following:

  • Portfolio Risk Analytics
  • Stress Testing and Tail Risk Management
  • Risk Analysis and Profiling, Scenario Analysis
  • Performance Measurement and Attribution
  • Surveillance and Monitoring Reports
  • Transaction Analysis
  • Reinsurance analysis
  • Rating Agency Reporting Support
  • Impairment/OTTI Analysis
  • Cash Flow and Investment Income Forecasting

Insurance Consulting

Insurance Regulatory Advisory Services
Winthrop is an experienced Investment Specialist for state insurance departments with NAIC insurance risk exams. In addition, Winthrop is experienced in providing forensic analysis for investment related specialized engagements to regulators.

We have significant experience in the integration of technology and straight-through process flows for insurance companies’ investment portfolio and trade flow.

Statutory Reporting
We ensure portfolio compliance with statutory accounting and reporting principles pursuant to NAIC Accounting and Reporting guidance and the rules prescribed by your domiciliary state. We assist our insurance clients with statutory accounting schedules and exhibits filings.

Reinsurance Solutions

Winthrop has significant experience in establishing investment management agreements for both off-shore and on-shore reinsurance entities.

“In the realm of insurance asset management, customization is key. Our process enables us to understand the intricacies of your business and to craft a range of tailored strategies, from reporting to reinsurance.”
Gregory J. Hahn, CFA
President & CIO